You can now help Disaster Victims on Facebook

There’s more to the Facebook Crisis Response Hub than just checking yourself safe or making sure your friends did so. Now, thanks to the “crisis donate button”, you can easily give money to charitable organizations offering aid.

 The money you donate is going to GlobalGiving, a non-profit that works with several NGOs involved with disaster situations. GlobalGiving chooses where to send your money after collaborating with the organizations so to see where the donation is most needed.

 Actually, Facebook first made it possible to donate to non-profits back in 2013, one year before adding the “safety check” feature allowing people to check on their loved ones during attacks and natural disasters. All donations made through the new feature are going to be free of fees.

Facebook’s social good product manager, Asha Sharma, said in a statement: “Following a disaster, people in the affected area often have tremendous needs to help them recover and rebuild […] Our goal at Facebook is to create tools that make it easier for people to help their community and the communities they care about.”