Delivery and Shipping Information


At Abuvo we want to offer Free Delivery all around the world independently of the amount of purchase. In case you wish fast delivery, please mention it in your notes and we will quote the extra cost as well as a precise indication on delivery times.


Important Notes

  • Preparation for delivery (quality checks, packing, paperwork, etc.) usually takes 3-7 business days and is NOT included in the overall "shipping time". This is called processing time.
  • All packages have specific tracking information. For some destinations, tracking information are available only at the beginning and at the end of the delivery, there is no information in between.
  • You will receive an e-mail notifying you once your order has shipped. The email will include a unique parcel tracking number.


Shipping times can be affected by variable customs clearance times or public holidays. If you have not received your package based on the above estimates, please kindly submit a ticket for help.


Shipping times will be affected during public holidays; manufacturers and couriers will limit their operations at these times. This is outside our control. Normal service resumes immediately after each holiday.


To qualify for a refund for non delivery you must allow twice the delivery time to pass in order to apply. For example, if your delivery is 4 weeks (excluding processing time) you apply for a refund only 8 weeks after and only in case you haven’t yet received your item.


It can take a few days following order shipment before the Tracking number becomes active on the courier's system. If the information has not appeared on the courier's website, please try again later. 


Customer’s responsibility

It is your responsibility to give correct information regarding name and address. Please note that if you are uncertain about the delivery address, contact us before hand in order to make sure we have all the information we need before we go ahead with your order.

In case the item is undelivered due to one of the above reasons, we will have to wait for it to be returned to our distribution center and then we will send it back to you. This will increase the delivery time a lot.

In case you would like to cancel your order you can do it free of charge within 4 hours from placing the order. 


Delivery Times


Country Delivery Time
Aland Islands 20-40 days
Albania 20-40 days
Andorra 20-40 days
Anguilla 4-8 weeks
Antigua And Barbuda 4-8 weeks
Armenia 20-40 days
Argentina 4-8 weeks
Aruba 4-8 weeks
Australia 20-40 days
Austria 2-4 weeks
Bahamas 4-8 weeks
Bahrain 2-4 weeks
Barbados 4-8 weeks
Belarus 20-40 days
Belgium 2-4 weeks
Belize 4-8 weeks
Bermuda 4-8 weeks
Bolivia 4-8 weeks
Bosnia And Herzegovina 20-40 days
Bouvet Island 20-40 days
Brazil 4-8 weeks
Bulgaria 20-40 days
Canada 30-50 days
Cayman Islands 4-8 weeks
Chile 4-8 weeks
Colombia 4-8 weeks
Cook Islands 20-40 days
Costa Rica 4-8 weeks
Croatia 2-4 weeks
Cyprus 3-5 weeks
Cuba 4-8 weeks
Curaçao 4-8 weeks
Czech Republic 2-4 weeks
Denmark 2-4 weeks
Dominica 4-8 weeks
Dominican Republic 4-8 weeks
Ecuador 4-8 weeks
El Salvador 4-8 weeks
Estonia 2-4 weeks
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 4-8 weeks
Faroe Islands 20-40 days
Fiji 20-40 days
Finland 2-4 weeks
France 2-4 weeks
French Guiana 4-8 weeks
French Polynesia 20-40 days
French Southern Territories 20-40 days
Georgia 20-40 days
Germany 2-4 weeks
Gibraltar 20-40 days
Greece 2-4 weeks
Greenland 20-40 days
Grenada 4-8 weeks
Guadeloupe 20-40 days
Guatemala 4-8 weeks
Guernsey 20-40 days
Guyana 4-8 weeks
Haiti 4-8 weeks
Holy See (Vatican City State) 20-40 days
Honduras 4-8 weeks
Hungary 2-4 weeks
Iceland 20-40 days
Isle Of Man 20-40 days
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 2-4 weeks
Iraq 2-4 weeks
Ireland 2-4 weeks
Israel 2-4 weeks
Italy 2-6 weeks
Jamaica 4-8 weeks
Japan 20-40 days
Jersey 20-40 days
Kosovo 20-40 days
Latvia 2-4 weeks
Lebanon 2-4 weeks
Liechtenstein 2-4 weeks
Lithuania 2-4 weeks
Luxembourg 2-4 weeks
Macedonia, Republic Of 20-40 days
Malta 2-4 weeks
Martinique 4-8 weeks
Mexico 4-8 weeks
Moldova, Republic of 20-40 days
Monaco 2-4 weeks
Montenegro 20-40 days
Montserrat 4-8 weeks
Netherlands Antilles 4-8 weeks
Netherlands 2-4 weeks
Nicaragua 4-8 weeks
Norway 2-4 weeks
Oman 2-4 weeks
Palestinian Territory, Occupied 2-4 weeks
Panama 4-8 weeks
Paraguay 4-8 weeks
Peru 4-8 weeks
Poland 2-4 weeks
Portugal 2-4 weeks
Qatar 2-4 weeks
Reunion 20-40 days
Romania 2-4 weeks
Russia 20-40 days
Saint Barthélemy 4-8 weeks
Saint Kitts And Nevis 4-8 weeks
Saint Lucia 4-8 weeks
Saint Martin 4-8 weeks
Saint Pierre And Miquelon 4-8 weeks
San Marino 20-40 days
Saudi Arabia 2-4 weeks
Sint Maarten 4-8 weeks
Serbia 20-40 days
South Africa 40-60 days
Slovakia 2-4 weeks
Slovenia 2-4 weeks
Spain 2-4 weeks
St. Vincent 4-8 weeks
Sweden 2-4 weeks
Switzerland 20-40 days
Suriname 4-8 weeks
Trinidad and Tobago 4-8 weeks
Turkey 20-40 days
Turks and Caicos Islands 4-8 weeks
Ukraine 20-40 days
United Arab Emirates 2-4 weeks
United Kingdom 2-4 weeks
United States 2-4 weeks
United States Minor Outlying Islands 4-8 weeks
Uruguay 4-8 weeks
Venezuela 4-8 weeks
Virgin Islands, British 4-8 weeks