The case for the iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X

Obviously, the iPhone 8Plus is a much less expensive object than the iPhone X, but could it also be better?


 First off, as I mentioned earlier, it will cost you around 200$ less, which is not bad at all for a phone.


 Apple, so far, has been capable of producing iPhone Xs at a very low rate, meaning you might have to wait over a month before you’re able to get one. If you’re not in a hurry, that’s fine, but if you’ve been waiting for an upgrade while you’re current phone slowly deteriorates to its demise, you might not want to wait that long.


 While the design on the 8 series still looks a lot like a tweaked iPhone 6, and it is undeniable that the iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen compared to the 8 Plus 5.5-inch one, the X narrower aspect ratio makes the 8 Plus feel just as big, in less space.

Even with its lower resolution and lack of OLED technology, the iPhone 8 Plus better maximizes the space on its display as most apps are not designed to work in a 375 horizontal points design – as featured on the X or 8 model – and work better with 414 horizontal points design of the 8Plus.

While it is true that the iPhone X has more vertical points, that will just be taken by the notch and home button bar.


Face ID is a shiny new feature that lets you have some fun with Animojis and gives you an authenticated and safe way to pay for stuff. Having said that, Touch ID is faster and does not impose you awkward selfie-like poses every time you’ve got to look at your phone or, especially, when you’re at Starbucks buying a coffee. It is honestly something I can live without while relying on my fingerprints to do the trick.


 Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m not trying to say that the iPhone 8 Plus is, objectively, a better phone than the X model, otherwise, they would probably have switched their names down at Apple. But it is safe to point out that, especially when considering the price and availability difference, the premium iPhone might not be the best choice for you.