Microsoft's Surface Book 2: A First Look

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is the best Surface device on the market so far.

 You can choose between a 1,499$ 13-inch model, i5 processor with 8 GB of ram and integrated Intel GPU, or a series of 15-inch versions, the best of which is a powerful 3,299$ Intel Core i7-8650U CPU clocked at 1.9 GHz, with 16 GB of memory and a 1Tb SSD, plus Nvidia 1060 GPU with 6GB of RAM.

Even as a laptop, the top model can compete with some Macbooks, plus you can turn it into a tablet by removing the screen, though it is obviously going to be way less powerful.

Nevertheless, this is a great device that gives you the possibility not to choose on what you wish to invest your hard earned dollars.

 It might not be the best looking piece of technology out there, but the quality is undeniable, as it should be considering it doesn’t come cheap. The screen is securely attached but easy to release; it’s bright and, with 3240x2160 it’s got a higher pixel density than what you get on a MacBook Pro.

Let’s address it: if you need a tablet, or a laptop, there are better and cheaper options out there, so you should only get the Surface Book 2 if you’re really determined to buy a device that offers both, as you need to switch from one another frequently. If that is the case, though, and you have a good amount of savings in your pocket, then this might be a great call.

We’re not expecting MacBook users to switch, as that does not simply depends on the device, but on the software, with Apple users not willing to transition to Windows and vice-versa. Having said this, Microsoft has given its customers a pretty good reason to stay.

 The negative aspects? Windows 10 has been fixed for the most, but it’s still not perfect, plus the fans are loud, which is also a symptom of a device prone to over-heating (like its MacBook competitor). The Surface Book 2, at 4.2 lbs, is also not particularly light, which is not a great thing for a device whose strength lies in being ideal for people on the go.