5 Beard Styles we liked this year

Beards are still going strong. We’ve selected five popular beard styles from 2017 to grow or maintain while entering the new year.

 1 - The Bandholz

This one’s not for everyone! If you’re lucky enough to be able to grow one, it is still going to take about 6 months to achieve. Once you get there, it’s going to look slightly unkempt, so you can trim to your preference or maintain.
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2 - The Uniform Beard

A tamer choice, the uniform beard will pair splendidly with medium lengths haircut and be a less time demanding chore for both its growth and consequent care. It’s about 2 inches past the chin and, as the name suggests, it’s rather uniform, allowing the mustache to blend in. It’s a beard your boss won’t have anything to complain about.

3 - The Thin Beard

It’s one of the shortest beards you can have. It’s perfect if you want your sideburns to fade and gently allow your beard and hair to blend. The mustache is also closely trimmed as it meets the beard, similarly to a line of stubble. It won’t require a ton of care and products, but you’ll have to keep everything trimmed to perfection if you want a clean look.

4 - Patchy Beard and Handlebars

This one’s for all of you that, such as myself, struggle with growing a more uniform and longer beard but don’t want to give up. Your mustache needs to be grown and trimmed so to form handlebars at both sides, which will then be shaped thanks to wax, if needed, to obtain the slight curl at the tips. Keep your beard short and unkempt, with more thickness on the chin.

5 - The Viking

This one’s crazy, but if you’ve got the patience and passion, it’s a beauty and will make your beard really stand out at a time where pretty much everyone has some sort of facial hair.
Let everything grow for months if not over a year. Let your sideburns grow into a full beard and your mustache too, without shaping it. Once the hair below your chin has grown long enough, separate it into two distinct braids. It takes ages, but it’s worth it!