Facebook is developing a Messenger App for businesses

Messenger Broadcast is the newest development in the Messenger App by Facebook, aimed at businesses that wish to send marketing messages to users.

The company said it’s been working on such a feature, but hasn’t taken it out for a test yet.

We don’t know much about it so far, apart from the fact it would let businesses design welcome messages, titles and subtitles to send users, together with a call to action allowing the recipient to visit the company’s website, immediately prompting a Messenger bot or a preset reply.

 Facebook seems to be finally starting to monetize on Messenger. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen “click to message” ads on the social network, which allows certain partners to send Sponsored Messages directly to users. This came months after Facebook also started putting display ads into the Messenger inbox.

 It was not possible to get any Facebook spokesperson to comment on this new app, as it is company policy not to comment on unreleased features. The only that has been confirmed, as reported by techcrunch, is that the company intends to maintain its policy for which people must have initiated message threads with businesses before they can be contacted in regard to advertisement, so not to let the app become prone to spam.