Add-ons for Gmail

Gmail is by far the most popular email provider in the world, but even it’s most loyal user will admit it hasn’t gone through much of a restyling as years went by. This could be good for some users, but also makes it sort of limited at times.

 Google has decided to add some tools to allow you to get more work done without having to use external apps and softwares. Gmail will feature add-ons for a bunch of different productivity apps such as Asana, DocuSign, Trello, Wrike, etc.

 It’ll be similar to what already happens with Forms, Docs, Sheets or Slides. So, you’ll basically be able to use the apps within Gmail, without having to work several windows and apps.

You’ll just need to hit the setting wheel at the top right corner of the inbox and click on “Get add-ons”. If you’re a developer you might even want to create your own add-on for Gmail.

Google also confirmed that they’re working with Apple so to include iOS functionality fairly soon, but there’s no date for that yet.