Car Back Seat Air Mattress


Car back seat air mattress for the explorer, traveler and avid outdoors-man. If you enjoy long getaways in your car but would rather save the cost of paying for a hotel room than you may want to try the back seat Car Air Mattress. Lay the mattress out on the back seats, plug the pump into your car's lighter socket and watch it inflate into a comfortable bed.

Back Seat Air Mattress Specs

It comes with a repair kit in case you damage the mattress and two inflatable pillow. The versions that come with the extra gear also include a pillow to cushion the back of the driver's arm rest.

It is a perfect fit for the back seats of most cars and with a variety of colors, it might as well fit your car's interior.

Dimensions: 145 cm (57 inches) long and 88.9 cm (35 inches) wide. 

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