How to pick the best case for your phone

Your tablet and smartphones are very expensive devices, so much so that it is actually worth spending an additional amount in order to protect them from accidents. We know cases are not the best looking gadgets out there, and might make it impossible for you to showcase your new phone, but despite devices becoming waterproof and tougher as time goes on, they’re not indestructible.


 What features do you need? Do you need a landscape stand? If you’re using a tablet, not only you might need it, you also have to choose how many positions you want. How much protection do you need? If you know you’re frequently going to drop your phone you should buy a more expensive, thicker and heavier case.


 Definitely not the safest option, but by far the stylish: this is a good case if you need a basic level of protection to hopefully survive the occasional drop from very low heights.
These cases are usually made of TPU and won’t add any bulk or weight. They will protect your phone from scratches, but that’s pretty much as far as they go.

 We recommend Cruzerlite or Case Mate. You can usually buy a case for around 10$.


 Usually made of an outer layer of hard polycarbonate and a lighter inner layer, these cases are a good compromise if you don’t want to make your phone too ugly. Yes, they will ass some bulk and weight, but they’re usually fairly stylish and available in different versions.

 Body Glove and Urban Armor Gear are some of our favorites. You might even find something starting at 15$.


 This is the bulky option you need if you’re going to be clumsy with your device. Air pockets and reinforced corners make it indestructible, while also giving you a fair amount of grip that will probably make you say: “ever since I bought the case I’ve never even dropped my phone.” Resist the temptation of taking it out, even though a rugged case will cover everything, making it actually a little harder and more unpleasant to use your phone.

 OtterBox makes some really good rugged cases, though they do go for 50$. You can look for cheaper alternatives online.


 Wallet cases are the best choice if you need something that can also protect your display. If your phone shares a pocket with your key, or you’re going to throw it into your bag or backpack, this is the case you need.

The majority of wallet cases are made of polyurethane, but you can find more expensive options in leather, either real or animal friendly. Many cases can fit a couple of credit card slots and have some type of closure assuring the case won’t pop open while in your bag.

 Prices range from 10$ to 100$: we recommend looking at Grovemade or Incipio.


 An interesting option if you don’t care about adding protection, but want to add battery life to your phone. These cases are usually made of a lightweight case with a removable battery component. Your phone should first drain the battery on the case, before its own.
Alternative models come with different battery capacity.

 Don’t expect to spend less than 50$. You can search Trianium or Incipio for a good one.


 Most devices are sold with screen protectors nowadays; this is necessary to protect your screen from scratches or cracks.

The most important thing when choosing one of these, is buying the right model for your phone, otherwise you will find yourself dealing with bubbles and ultimately remove it in frustration. Usually, you will receive 2 or 3, meaning you can throw at least one away if you fail to put it properly to the point of no return.

 You’ll spend anything from 10$ to 30$ depending on the number of protectors in the pack – usually three or four – and should look for Tech Armor or TechMatte.