Google Assistant Updated: New features and languages

First off: if you’ve been waiting for Google Assistant to become “foreigner-friendly”, wait no longer! Developers will now be able to write apps in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Indian English.

Another major fix concerns apps connected over multiple devices, allowing Home devices to pass requests over to smartphones. So you can pay something you ordered on your laptop via smartphone.

Your Assistant will also be equipped with a “what’s new” and a “what’s trending” section to help you find updates and integrations.

 It may take a bit of time for everything to be integrated, and there are some more minor features for you to check out with this update, so stay tuned for more.

Lastly, if you’ve got a Nexus Player, you’ll be happy to hear it now supports Google Assistant, so you can set that up and try some of the new features we’ve been talking about.