Are iPads going to replace laptops?

Apple has released a new ad for the iPad Pro: it looks great and shows how serious the company is about the iPad replacing laptops. Who knows, maybe they’re right. There may be a time when young people don’t even know what a computer is (metaphorically, it’s hard to imagine scientists using iPads).

The girl from the ad is never sitting at a desk, limited by a laptop, let alone an actual computer. She is free to go around and use her iPad wherever she wants without having to sacrifice performances.

Facetime, Apple Pencil and iMessage. All at the same time, hinting to a quick and powerful iOS 11 system and processor. Apple is not just selling a product anymore; it’s trying to completely change the way we look at our devices, even, and especially, for those who were skeptical about iPads.

And they’re doing a pretty good job.


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