5 Metal Bumper Cases to Make your Smartphone Standout

Metal bumper cases are stylish, tough, and with a wide range of available designs your smartphone could look like a military grade communications devices or a component off a super-car's dashboard. Metals such as aluminum and zinc will give your device edge and character and protect it from some nasty falls and bumps.

We have picked our favorite metal frame cases out there and made them easier for you to find and enjoy.


Luxury Shockproof Metal iPhone Case

This case is like a mini tank for your phone. It's tough enough to make it through the toughest daily activities and then some. This iPhone armor is an excellent gift for the extreme sports enthusiast, and although its not submersible into water it is splash resistant and will protect your phone from more than just a couple of raindrops.

Luxury Shockproof Metal iPhone Case


Nillkin iPhone 7 Plus Zinc Alloy Case

This beautifully machined zinc alloy case features a ring that will secure it to your hand and save your precious iPhone from a lot of clumsy drops. The ring even doubles as a stand allowing you to hold your iPhone up at a comfortable angle in landscape mode, great for watching films on a plane.

zinc alloy metal frame iphone bumper case


The Magnetic X Case for iPhone

Its Minimal design, the elegance of aluminum, protection on all four corners (that is where most of cracked screens start from) and the ability to mount it on all metal surfaces make this case our best seller among metal framed smartphone cases. 

The Magnetic X Case for iPhone


iPhone 7 Unique Metal Bumper Silver & Leather - Sold Out

Similar to the magnetic X case this iPhone metal bumper may be on the downside regarding functionality (doesn't feature a magnet) but what it looses in practicality it gains in style. Available with a leather back cover and gorgeous brushed aluminium look it is a very unique case indeed.

iPhone 7 Unique Metal Bumper Silver & Leather


Aluminum Samsung Galaxy S6 Case - Sold Out

No Samsung fan will be disappointed with this almost full body aluminum case. It looks like something out of a Transformers movie and is available in 6 different colors ranging from the always fashionable champagne gold to a funky green!

Aluminum Samsung Galaxy S6 Case