Magnetic Cable Organizer


This Magnetic Cable Organizer will leave no loose ends! (no pun intended).

How many times have you had to sit and untangle heaps of cables before finding the right charger? Or lost a charging cable in the abyss of the "behind your desk" area because it slipped off the edge when you took it off your device?

With the magnetic cable organizer from Baseus you just clip the magnetic clips onto the end of your cables and put them back on the magnetic strip when you are done charging.

It is made of high quality TPU and a strong magnet that has no effect on charging. The clips have wide compatibility with different types of cables and you can place up to three clips on the base. Just stick the base on the surface you want, the removable glue will leave no marks and the base can be used repeatedly. 

Say goodbye to cable winding and bending down to pick up cables! 

Compatible Brand: SONY, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, Apple iPhones, HTC, Palm, Toshiba ,Panasonic, Samsung, Motorola
Colors: Black / Blue / Red
Size: 8.5cm X 1.3cm X 0.6cm / R 1.1cm
Compatible: Round Cable & Flat Noodle Cable

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