Automatic Pet Feeder

€119.95 €169

If you like keeping your pet on a regular feeding schedule but arent always around to feed them on time then this pet feeder is for you. You can load up to 6 serving (~330ml each) of either wet or dry food and program them to open during a predetermined time schedule. Set the feeding hours using the built in LCD screen and make yours and your pets life easier.

The coolest things about this feeder though is that you can record yourself or a tune to alert your pet when it's time to eat!

The Automatic Pet Feeder will let you know when it's battery is low so you can always be sure it will keep on running when you are not at home.

It's easy to remove the top and clean the compartments, although your pet will probably make sure it's squeeky clean after each meal.

Note: Four 1.5v C type batteries are required (not included) 

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