Everything you need to know about Cyber Monday

In recent years, we’ve seen a bit of a decline in the sales brought by Black Friday, with many retailers choosing to have smaller discounts for longer periods of time. So, Black Friday has really become the Black Friday weekend and, with online shopping growing in popularity, Cyber Monday being introduced and gradually becoming an even bigger deal for eCommerce.

The term was first coined in the US more than 10 years ago, to push people to buy more online: websites offered discounts and people tried out this new online shopping thing for the first time.
It almost seems like a lifetime ago if you think that last year, just in the US, people spent 3.5 billion dollars on Cyber Monday.

In the UK, it is not much of a tradition yet, with Black Friday maintaining its status of biggest day of the year for shopping. In the UK alone, in 2017, we’ve seen a groundbreaking expense of £10 billions over the Black Friday weekend.

Let’s see how it plays out next year!